Available Membership Categories

Member CategoryYearly DuesRunway Fee
Active MilitaryFreeNone
Social or Spouse$10None

Click on one of the above links for further information, requirements and forms for that membership category.

Note: Runway fee may be paid all at once or in yearly installments of $50.

2018 Membership Renewals:

Membership renewal for 2018 is $100   New 2018 CIC membership cards have been printed and will be issued upon receipt of $100, confirmation of 2018 AMA membership and confirmation of your attendance at a safety and field operations briefing as evidenced by a signed “Acceptance of Terms and Conditions” form. I will be accepting dues and handing out cards at the field and at the general meetings. A check is preferred, but we also accept cash (a receipt will be issued for cash).

Note:  Some members may owe an installment on their runway fee.

If you have had the orientation briefing and your AMA is up to date (through 2018) you may mail a check to:

Channel Islands Condors
P. O. Box 1993
Camarillo CA 93011-1993

If you have not had the safety and field operations briefing, contact Richard Hodgson  Emailand we will schedule a briefing. Remember, no flying until the briefing is complete and you have your AMA card. When you arrive at the field for an orientation, let one of the board members know.

Note:  Dues not paid by March 1 are considered delinquent.  After March 1, a reinstatement fee equal to half the yearly membership fee will be due and payable prior to renewing membership (Article 3, SECTION 11 of the bylaws).   Leave of Absence Members are not subject to the reinstatement fee and only pay the membership due for that year was their reinstatement is requested.

Joining the Condors:

For information on Joining the Condors, contact Richard Hodgson