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Builders, please note!


Need a special part for your new build?

Need a custom part for your new scale build?

Need a replacement part made?

Steve Wartinger in Camarillo has offered his machining and milling services and will be happy to review your special item.

I know you will like Steve’s pricing, so please contact him on any project you have in mind.

Steve just completed a custom prop shaft extension to allow a good friend and RC mentor in Florida to keep his engine completely enclosed in the cowl of his new Beechcraft Bonanza build.

You can contact Steve here; please identify that you are contacting him via the Channel Islands Condors.  Steve is resident in Camarillo, he just has an out-of-town number:

            (408) 988-6972 



Steve’s forte:

  • Equipment, tool and gage specialist
  • Manufacturing engineering generalist
  • Product Design for Manufacturing
  • Model and Prototype Development