2021 Board of Directors

Anthony Abey

Anthony has been exposed to the world of radio control for over 30 years. As a young teenager, he traveled around the country participating in sponsored radio control car and truck races with his dad. Although he was successful as a racer, life got in the way for a bit and he temporarily retired from the hobby. In 2011, he came back in to the hobby by becoming interested in model aviation. Since becoming a model aviation pilot, Anthony now builds and flies giant scale fixed wing model aircrafts.

Anthony is the Chief Operations Officer for Elite Clinical Network. The company and it’s network of clinical research sites conduct clinical research trials in collaboration with the FDA, regulators, and industry leading pharmaceutical companies. As the Chief Operations Officer, Anthony has multiple years of clinical operations experience with a strong vision for sound quality and enrollment tactics that drive study excellence. Under his leadership, the network of sites have always been in the top 5 for highest quality and performance when benchmarked to its peer group. Anthony’s overall experience and capabilities have contributed to the success of his company on several levels such as recruitment, quality, marketing and technical process flows.
Board Vizzo, Robert
Vice President
Robert Vizzo
Robert joined the Channel Islands Condors in 2011 and is active in one other club in Ventura county. Robert is an active model helicopter pilot.
Board Mike Milbrett
Mike Milbrett
Mike is a native Californian and has been in Ventura County almost all of his life. His father introduced him to model aviation when he was very young. He finally started flying airplanes in the late 80’s and has been active ever since. Mike is an active model helicopter and fixed wing flyer, with both gasoline and electric power.
Board Randy Bronson
Safety and Field Operations
Randy Bronson
Randy was born and raised in the Conejo Valley and owns his own construction company. He is married with two daughters. He is a long time builder and modeler and has been building and flying since he was12 years old. He started with control line and then on to RC planes. He is currently enjoying large scale RC planes.

Mel Tufto
Mel is currently a Technical Advisor/sUAS Pilot responsible for Drone Development and Operations for Southern California Gas Company. Mel Also consults with San Diego Gas and Electric for their transition of Drone operations into their Aerial Department for Gas Systems use. His involvement in building and flying RC Model Aircraft since 1986 has transitioned him into his current career for Drone Flight Operations at So Cal Gas. He sees this hobby especially in todays era as a great place for youth and young adults to learn many skills involving design, assembly, electronics and safe behaviors for not only RC Aircraft Operations but everyday skills. In addition new Technologies are rapidly developing in the Drone Industry where RC Skills become a premium for hiring companies looking for experienced RC Pilots that can transition into commercial sUAS Certified Pilots. "RC Modelers are just great people".

Richard Hodgson
Richard has been a member of the Condors since 2004 and had his flight training and solo at Condors Field.

Richard flies primarily glow but also has gas and electric planes. Richard also builds from plans but admits to being very slow and projects often get stuck at the 75% stage for a long time. The only planes that have been airborne so far are his Vulcan and Curare models.

Richard is a self-employed management consultant, with an electronic and electrical engineering background. He works with clients in high technology industries to help them improve their business processes in how they manage and look after internal and external customers.