UPDATE –  Red Flag in place now too.

Sorry – NO FLYING Sunday 11th or Monday 12th.  Meeting postponed.

With the fires and dangerous weather at this time, the board believes the only responsible response is to shut down the airfield this Sunday and Monday and to postpone the meeting.  We hope you’re all safe and have not suffered any loss or damage.


Invitations to the joint Condors and Flying Circus party should be in your email soon.

Please also let us know if you would like to apply for any of the open 2019 board positions.



Next Meeting –

Date:             Sunday, November 11th

Time:            9am

Location:    Condors Field







Renewals window for 2018 has now closed.   Any renewals from this point will be subject to reinstatement fees.


Builders, scale or sport, do you need some custom parts made?

Please see our member profile section for a local engineer who can help.