Hot News:

Spring Break Flying – Condors Field will be open for flying on:

          Monday 18th March

          Thursday 21st March

          Friday 22nd March

These are additional to our normal Sundays.  Please sign in so we can track usage.

Note:  Marking your FAA number on the outside of your aircraft (>250g) is now required

FAA Registration, Renewal, and Marking Your Aircraft

Sunday 17th – Memorial Fun Fly for Jack at the Circus; meeting starts at 9am.



Next Meeting –

Date:             TBD

Time:            9 am

Location:    Condors Field


Former members:

We’d love to have you back.  Please contact Richard for details of excellent renewal rates

Builders, scale or sport, do you need some custom parts made?

Please see our member profile section for a local engineer who can help.